Fight for Ethiopian women’s rights in Isreal..




We are a new generation, and although we adapt habits and practices from previous generations it is our responsibility as the youth to bring forth new ideas on how we could make the world a better place. With advanced technology, possibilities of doing this are more in reach than any other generation before us. Access of information has allowed unjust practices from around the world to be reported to rational thinking humans in places like California – and that is exactly what is happening. Acts of oppression anywhere is important to every living person because that means they live in a world that lacks justice. So by being informed it is only right to generate discussion, and get people talking, right? That is what our aim at American Ink Apparel is. Israel has been top ranked when it comes to practicing oppression, usually against the people of Palestine; however, the practices that they force on their own citizens are just as oppressive. A program that was set in place since the 1980s to get all remaining Jews out of Ethiopia has brought over 200,000 Ethiopians to Israel. The Jewish state promised Ethiopians a life of prosperity with possibilities in the job sector, education, and family. This prosperity came with a high cost. In order for Ethiopian women to enter Israel they were forced to take long-term birth control shots called “Depo-Provera.” These shots cause extreme side effects, and were given to women against their will. Women who were given these shots were told they were basic vaccinations that every citizen has to take, when in reality they were dangerous contraceptives that take away any fertility rights that these Ethiopian woman ever had. The goal of the Israel government was to diminish the amount of black Jews in Israel, who are constantly discriminated against in every aspect of Israeli life. In Western civilizations the Women’s Rights Movement has made tremendous strides towards liberation, but as long as women are oppressed in other countries, they will not reach full liberation. We propose that our viewers take a minute to read up on this contraception practice in Israel, and give us feedback on their opinions and experiences. Once again it is a priority of our generation to bring new ideas to the table on how we could stop, or at least slow down practices of oppression – and at American Ink were doing the best we can to do so.

 Thanks again Robby Johnson (Marketing Director) for this well written article.


STOP! Fracking in America..



            In the past election both candidates stressed the importance of energy independence, and made a promise that dependency on Middle Eastern oil would be exempt in the few years to come; however, people may tend to overlook the consequences of this promise.

“Fracking” is a new form of technology that uses a dramatic amount of water laced with sand to extract Methane out of the ground. The problem with this technology is that it can cause earthquakes, and contaminates a large amount of water which has turned rural areas in 34 U.S. states into toxic industrial zones.

Clean water must be a right for every American citizen, and with a great water crisis underway we are headed down a path that can severely hurt the earth. Activists against “Fracking” have created a movement as powerful as Occupy Wall Street with minimum media recognition.  At American Ink Apparel, our goal is to shed light on issues that the public may not be informed about because of poor media coverage. Here are a few links for you to go educate yourself about the issue, and join the movement against Fracking:

Quote: “If local communities can seize control over their destinies, a giant step will have been taken toward a sustainable future.” – Adrian Kuzminsky

Written By: Robby Johnson (Marketing Director of America Ink)

MLK Day – Jan 21st 2013


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'”

MLK Day is a chance to start the year off right by making an impact in your community. Being able to make a change in someone else’s life feel’s amazing. America Ink Apparel would love for you to give back in even the smallest way. Open a door for one an other, pay for someone’s meal, or even purchase a Starbucks for the person behind you. Give charity or raise awareness about someone else’s struggle. If everyone could play a part in giving back we can start this year of right. Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day! Make this year a year for change and focus on bettering yourself . Thank you! – AIA